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Welcome to Eating Freely™ and well done for choosing to take part in this program!

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This is your online portal of resources that go with your Eating Freely™ Program.

Our founder, Emma Murphy MIACP, has prepared a series of short videos for you, to remind you of any key concepts or tools your Eating Freely Practitioner has shared with you in session.

We know there’s a lot to take in and learn during this specialist program, so we’ve created this online portal for you so you have all your worksheets, explanatory videos and meditations in one place. 

As part of your program, you will have lifetime access to these resources, so you can use them as you work through the program with your practitioner, and come back and check in any time you need to once you’ve finished the program.

We also want to send you a welcome gift which is The Four Energies of Emotional Eating Card Deck, also created by Emma Murphy.  This beautiful deck of 48 therapy cards is divided across the four key energies that are impacted by long standing emotional or binge eating:

Fire – your mental energy

Earth – your physical energy

Air – your emotional energy

Water – your spiritual energy

Each card gives you a theme to reflect on, and the accompanying ebook helps you go deeper with each card, asking you to reflect on a question or two, and suggesting actions you can take to re-balance that energy.

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